Writing your First Marketing Plan

There are many online recommendations on how to write a marketing plan; the task is not easy, but if you organize yourself and have a clear understanding of the main topics you want to cover, you should be able to complete your very first marketing plan successfully.

To get started make sure you include the following items:

  • Executive Summary: Includes a brief overview of your company and the product or services offered, the objectives you want to achieve, and the proposal of your strategy.
  • Market Research: Make sure you include a SWOT analysis, analyze the competitors in your industry, and identify your audience to ensure that their wants and needs are fulfilled with your strategy.
  • Strategy: Identify KPIs for your objectives, and explain clearly how you will be able to achieve them
  • Execution Plan: Includes the budget for your marketing plan a debrief on how dollars will be spent, and a detailed explanation or action plan by weeks or months on the items that will need to be completed to achieve the objective.
  • Analytics: Includes the metrics for your KPIs and a detailed explanation of how they will be monitored through the campaigns.
  • Conclusion: This will tell the story of how a company would look after the marketing plan objectives have been achieved.

Now that you know what are the essential items to include in a marketing plan, I hope you are able to get started and make sure you get creative in the way you present your plan. Keep in mind that content is important but presentation as well!
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