Who is Responsible for the Growth of a Business?

Marketing peers, I had previously shared with you my thoughts on market share and raised the question of, how can companies control the portion of a market. my conclusion was growth. 

On this occasion, I would like to expand more on who is responsible for the growth of a business to help gain market share. Is it revenue, marketing, or sales?

This might sound cliche but the reality is that everything is connected. Marketing creates the assets to bring that audience to the business and then the sales teams work their magic to hopefully convert them and gain that revenue for the business.

Both the marketing and sales teams must have constant communication, they have to work together to create the assets by understanding what the consumers want. All businesses have to create clear strategies for each team with achievable metrics to be able to simplify the processes and clearly understand their responsibilities. However, it is on the leaders to ensure that both teams understand each other to look for solutions to their roadblocks.

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