Using Google Ads to Grow your Business

As we continue in our marketing journey, I would like to talk to you today about how revolutionary the creation of Google Ads for the advertising industry was. We will briefly discuss how Google Ads formerly known as AdWords has opened the door for small businesses to start advertising on the web.

Online advertising has never been more crucial for the growth of a brand and the promotion of a website or a product.

Think about the last time you were interested in going on a vacation but you were not sure where yet. 

I am sure your first instinct was to type in Google search something along the lines of tropical resorts.

What Google Ads does is take those 2 words and ensure that if a company used those keywords to target you as a potential consumer, that company’s ad will be among the first things you see during your search.

Advertisers must keep in mind that their ads can be based on the keywords they want to use and the characteristics of what the searcher is typing based on location, demographics, devices, and more.

Small businesses have the opportunity to use this amazing tool to grow their online presence and increase conversions. The flexibility with Google Ads is that is free to create an account and it allows anyone to venture into creating ads.

The process is simple, it is you who decides how much to spend, however, it does require you to have some knowledge of how to navigate the site, to ensure you are making the right selections, my advice is for you to try the free online training and venture into creating your very first google ads campaign.

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