Turning Metrics into Actionable Website Improvements

It is time to talk about metrics from Google Analytics, how to interpret them, and how to put those metrics into action to improve your website and consumer engagement.

In today’s business environment and especially as marketers we must understand the importance of having a Google Analytics account and how to read all the valuable metrics that this tool provides to its users.

If you landed on this website because you are unsure of Google Analytics, I advise you to get on board and create your account as soon as possible. This tool whether you are a business owner, student, marketer, or simply interested in learning more about it; is definitely a tool of the future and a tool that if you know how to use can give you unlimited information and actionable insights for your website and/or business.

Many companies use this tool to understand their users’ interests, demographics, and much more. 


An example of a business using Google Analytics can be seen in magazines. Picture a magazine such as Imagen Miami Magazine, which has a website and a strong social media presence. By using Google analytics they can capture how many users they get on average per month, what kind of material their users are most interested in, understand what devices are most used by the users and a lot of different demographics and user information that can tell a story about the kind of users are landing to the page and interacting with the different information that can be found in it. 

By knowing all the information I just mentioned the magazine can identify if the users are online with their target audience and may discover the most viewed content of their users which in some cases can be different from what the expectation is, and by knowing this the magazine can invest more time, money and efforts in a specific topic that may drive more consumer engagement. 

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