The Value of Data Analytics Tools

As marketers, there are many marketing tools to help us create websites, collect data, create ads, analyze data, and much more. In the past I have talked about Survey Monkey, WIX, Google Ads, Canva a few other important tools that we may use on a daily basis in marketing, however, today I would like to talk about Tableau Software

As described by the own company, Tableau is a data visualization company whose main goal is to help people see and understand its own data. In my previous post about “The Importance Of Data Now More Than Ever!”, I mention how data is a very important asset that every company has, and with Tableau we can now make data even easier to understand and visualize to help business leaders make the right choices for their business.

Like many other tools that are used in marketing Tableau may be more complex and require additional training to efficiently use all its capabilities, however, is possible. Unlimited instructional videos, blogs, and articles are available to all marketers and anyone interested in learning how to use this great tool.

I highly recommend the use of Tableau to better understand your own company data and encourage you as a marketer or business leader to invest time and money in learning more about this incredible tool that can help you efficiently dissect data and connect and visualize information to find what may be missing or what your business and teams are doing right and continue to have actionable data for your future company success.

Learn more about using data visualization to explain companies’ services by clicking here!

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