The Behind The Scenes: Website Analytics

A business’s online presence is critical for its success. If you think about it, every time you want a product or service the first place you will look most likely will be online. For that reason, every business first should have a solid online presence meaning a basic website that potential consumers could visit, and a social media presence but only via the platform that best fits the product or brand of that business. On this occasion, we will focus on the importance of having a website and the behind-the-scenes of what we call website analytics.

As previously mentioned the success of a business relies on them fulfilling the needs and wants of its consumers. But to do so their consumers should be able to find them and in today’s day and age, the best way to find anything is via google search. 

By having a website and successfully having analytics installed on that website you can gather more data from those who visited your website and potentially start making improvements to that site to ensure those visits turn into conversions. The main reason for having analytics on any website is to help you monitor and get better insights.

Google Analytics can provide a lot of different data about your users, revenue that your website is bringing in, conversion rate, the load time of your pages, the number of page views, the average time spent by a user on your website, as well as bounce rate and many more metrics that if used in the right way can become KPIs to successfully run a website and achieve the goal of selling or exposing a service or product.

For that reason as marketers, we need to continue emphasizing to business leaders and decision-makers that websites are as important as any other are in any business and the behind-the-scenes of a website even more as it can give us unlimited website metrics that will help with analyzing consumer trends and potential business and website improvements.

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