The Artistry of Designing a Survey

As we continue our journey of understanding marketing practices, this time we will be talking about survey research and more specific survey questions; what makes a good survey, and when it is worth administering a survey.


In a time where creating, administering, and collecting survey questions/responses is at a click of a button, I would like to help you better understand the artistry and dedication that needs to go behind the design of a survey. As marketers we should not start creating surveys just because we think is a promising idea to get additional information.

Yes, we must have a business reason but most importantly we need to ask ourselves the question of whether we will use the results we get from the survey to act, change something in our services or products, or if we are just asking without a specific reason. You may ask yourself the question, is it better to have answers to random questions instead of having nothing? Well, not really. 

To craft a good survey, you must first keep in mind who will be answering those questions for you. You need to have a clear idea of what kind of our answer are you looking for. In marketing to have effective results on anything, you must keep the consumer at heart so if you are creating a survey that will be completed by your consumer, know that their time is valuable and that you want them to answer with the best of their availabilities. 

My recommendation to you is to take the time to craft something worth their time, designing a survey is an art, have clear statements/questions, this will be the only way you will get clear answers that will allow you to collect actionable information from your consumers to better a service or a product.
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