Presenting Data to Business Leaders

As marketers, we will often encounter an overwhelming amount of data that we will have first to collect, dissect, and later present to business leaders. Every single step is important as this will eventually help those business leaders to make important decisions about a product, brand, or business. But how can we get those business leaders to understand all the information we collected that they can use for decision-making?

That is one of the many questions that marketers often ask themselves, and the key to answering that question is on YOU. One of the biggest challenges is to craft a data presentation for business leaders that they will understand and that is where some of your creativity can be extremely helpful to help present that information to business leaders.

You must keep in mind what is the question or the key information that those business leaders are trying to understand. Once you have that question clear, make sure that every piece of information you add to that presentation is helping you get to that answer, and design the presentation in simple terms that others will easily understand.

We oftentimes get carried away by the amount of data that we can collect when conducting research and we may be tempted to show it all. But is important to keep in mind that whoever you are presenting that data might not be interested in the behind-the-scenes of your research, they just want clear numbers or instructions of what might work best based on the question they need to be answered.

One key component that every data presentation must have is data visualization, also known as infographics. This will help those business leaders understand key metrics that will help you and them make important decisions. For content about Using Data Visualization to Explain Companies Services click here to read more!

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