Networking Insights: Conversations That Inspire Growth and Connection

Recently, I had the privilege of engaging in a captivating discussion with Lisa Pfenning, the Vice President of the Americas for the Bacardi Rum Portfolios. Our conversation encompassed a wide range of marketing topics, but the most gratifying aspect was the opportunity to connect with a remarkable woman in a leadership position.

Embarking on this experience was undeniably challenging, as I aimed to leave a lasting impression and produce an outcome that fills me with pride. I highly encourage fellow marketers to actively seek networking opportunities with professionals in their desired fields. By doing so, we gain invaluable advice and learn from the wealth of knowledge possessed by these industry experts.

Engaging in such activities can present their fair share of difficulties. If you aspire to undertake a similar endeavor, whether, for a podcast, YouTube channel, or personal reasons, I offer the following advice: 


  • Meticulous research is extremely important. 
  • Acquire as much knowledge as possible about the individual you will be conversing with. 
  • Additionally, identify common ground that may facilitate a more comfortable and fluid dialogue.
  • Approach the conversation with a well-defined agenda. 
  • Determine the specific topics you wish to discuss
  • Compile a list of thoughtful questions. 
  • Make note of noteworthy points you wish to mention. 
  • And above all, enjoy the experience! 

Remember, it is simply a conversation, and with any luck, you will gather a wealth of knowledge and cultivate enduring relationships that contribute to your career aspirations. Learn more about building long-lasting connections here.

To learn more about my interview and watch the full video, click here.

Fear not the prospect of failure. Challenge yourself to engage with individuals whom you may not have previously engaged with but deeply admire. The results of such interactions may pleasantly surprise you. And throughout it all, be true to yourself, allowing others to discover the real you.

By embracing these principles and seizing networking opportunities, we open ourselves up to inspiring conversations that foster personal growth and meaningful connections.

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