Marketing at Its Finest, Telling the Story of The Real Havana Club

On this occasion, I want to talk about Havana Club, which in my opinion has done a fantastic job of telling the story of the brand itself and captivating its audience through social media and experiential marketing.

This brand has done a fantastic job of placing itself in the hearts of any immigrant by telling its unique story and with this, hoping to clear its name by establishing which is the real Havana Club and which is just a copy. Click here to learn more about the story of The Real Havana Club.

This brand and its marketers came up with the genius idea of creating a playback in 2019 called The Amparo Experience which told the story of the brand in an interactive way which translated into a complete success not only measured in the satisfaction of all those who were able to attend but in the way that the brand was talked about through social media.

The impact and growth the brand achieved were mainly thanks to the social media posts, hashtags, and impeccable storytelling, which as any marketer can confirm has to be at the center of whatever they are trying to do. Check out their Instagram page here for more details on their social media campaign.

As if that wasn’t all, thanks to the success of the brand back in 2019 with the Amparo Experience. The brand came up with a new immersive dining experience called La Prueba which I was very fortunate to attend, and on this occasion, you as a guest or attendee can experience what the family Arechabala which originally owned Havana Club experienced in the process of exile from the island of Cuba.

The brand again did a sensational job of promoting this event via social media to its loyal followers from the Amparo Experience and continued to grow and catch the attention of many consumers by using a new and interesting way of telling the story of the brand.

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