Let’s Talk Neuromarketing and Consumer Behavior

When we talk about neuromarketing and consumer behavior we should have something clear: emotion is what drives the decisions we make in everything in life. Therefore, the decisions and actions of consumers are guided by the way they felt at the moment they took that decision or did that thing that made them feel good. 

Our job as marketers is to create mental shortcuts to help the consumer make immediate connections or associations with us. Help them feel something so they can be more inclined to go with what we have to offer.

Let’s not forget that consumers are humans like you and me. As marketers, we first need to understand the psychology behind our behavior and decision-making to be able to understand and offer the right product or brand and create marketing strategies that will work with our target audience.


A great example can be seen in sampling. Think about the last time you went to let’s say Costco. If you gave in to trying a product that was been offered as a free sample you might be more inclined into buying it.

Why? First of all, you must like the product, then, the psychology behind it is that you feel the responsibility of repaying for that service or promotion of what you have been offered.

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As human beings, we must recognize that we crave social acceptance and status. This goes back to our human evolution and the fact that we are social creatures. Over the years human beings have always been known to have a ‘tribe’ which will help us survive and this same concept is what we see today in how brands promote their products or services.

Our goal as marketers is to help fill that void or need for social acceptance and status by providing products that will fulfill that need for social acceptance.

Remember, we first make decisions with our emotions and later we rationalize them. For similar content click here!

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