Learning About Display Advertising

As a marketer one of the most important tools you will have to use is Google Ads. On this occasion, we will focus on Display Advertising. This tool will help you as a marketer to put your brand, product, or business in front of your target audience, consumers, and most importantly potential consumers.


Display advertising helps to reach directly the target audience you want to market as it helps drive traffic to your website, it also helps to create brand awareness as its main purpose is to have your brand, product, or business in front of the people you may want.

One of the most important things display advertising does for you is to help retarget potential consumers who may have visited your website looking for something to purchase or simply browsing information they found worth reading and will help push them to sign up for your newsletter or provide their emails which you later can use to retarget even more.

As with any other advertising that is done through Google Ads, it’s you who defines how much you want to invest to have your display ads shown. Based on the parameters you have put in place your display ads will be shown via articles, videos, or even websites that your potential consumers will browse to ultimately gain that customer and drive more traffic to your website.

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