Integrating the 4A’s, 4P’s & 4C’s in Marketing

If you are already familiar with marketing terms you may know that the 4Ps and the 4Cs exist. On this occasion, I would like to talk about the 4As in marketing, and how they can help us better understand our customers to provide a product that fulfills their wants and needs. 

As a refresher, the 4P’s in marketing stand for product, price, place, and promotion. By knowing this, we can already determine that this approach comes from the perspective of marketers trying to push a product or service to its consumers.

On the other hand, the 4C’s refer to the customer, cost, convenience, and communication which in a way can be seen from the consumer perspective. However, the 4A’s refer to acceptability, affordability, accessibility, and awareness, which is also from the consumers perspective, but it focuses on how the consumer sees the product or service we as marketers are trying to offer them.

How Do All the Approaches Integrate?

By visualizing the elements in the 4A’s, 4P’s & 4C’s as seen in the image above we can see how the goal of a product is to gain acceptability by the customer. By defining the price of a product as marketers we need to ensure that from the consumer’s point of view is affordable, and by placing our products in a specific location we make it accessible or convenient to our consumers to ensure that the products are easily attainable.

Finally, is crucial that the communication and promotions that as a brand we place to sell our product raise awareness among our consumers to ensure that our brand is the first one to come to mind when a need arises.

As stated by Anthony Miyazaki, a marketing expert. “When you create solutions that align with what your customers’ value, the need to persuade, convince, or manipulate is eliminated.” Therefore, your role as a marketer becomes easier by really identifying what your consumer wants without having to sell your ideas to them and convince them of buying a product they may not need.

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