Going Digital in the Spirits Industry to Optimize Supply Chain

Going digital in the spirits industry is something that became more important amid the Covid-19 pandemic, as previously mentioned in “Omnichannel Marketing Changing the Spirits Industry” companies were forced to make many changes and accelerate their evolution of incorporating digital strategies in all areas of the business and that was even more important in the case of supply chain optimization.

Like many other industries, the spirits industry faced delays in its supply chain which caused the fulfillment of consumer demand very difficult. However, to help alleviate the delays in putting the product to the end consumer faster, many companies implemented better e-commerce strategies and direct-to-consumer sales by partnering with online retailers and at the same time offering personalized experiences.

One of the most common solutions implemented in the digital landscape to optimize the supply chain in the spirits industry was a collaboration with suppliers, distributors, and retailers to allow real-time information to be available at their fingertips and help with the supply chain visibility. Having visibility of what each step of the supply chain had on hand helped big players in the spirits industry to make strategic decisions on where to invest their dollars in the supply chain and shift products from locations that could potentially be storing a lot of product to locations where the demand was higher. 

Online platforms or SRM software such as SAP, can help organizations not only in the spirits industry but in many more to understand data, and consumer behavior that will allow organizations to make informed decisions related to production, inventory management, and supply chain optimization.

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