Digging Deeper for your Consumers’ Wants & Needs

The purpose of marketing is to get a target audience interested in a product, however, to do so as marketers we must understand what our target audience/consumer wants, so we can create strategies that will ultimately show our consumer that our product is the one they should purchase to meet their needs. In this article, we will briefly mention the importance of digging deeper into what we can do as marketers to understand our consumers better and will provide a few tips and tricks to help you become a better marketer.

As I mentioned our goal as marketers is to understand what our consumers want and need. To do so, we must talk about marketing research.

What is Marketing Research?

Let’s go to the basics. According to the Oxford dictionary marketing research is the work of collecting information about what people buy and why. With that said, how can we start collecting that information? The answer is by having primary research which would be the research that has been conducted by you and only due to not having the answer to the questions you have available anywhere else. And secondary research, which in simple terms refers to information or data that has been already collected by other stakeholders in similar industries as yours.

I would like to focus on primary qualitative research as it could be the more fun, but also the more time-consuming type of research since you will be digging deeper for your consumers’ wants and need. However, by doing qualitative research you can get the answers that you are looking for as a marketer. You may start by using one of the 3 tools to start collecting primary qualitative information:

  1. Customer Visits
  2. Focus Groups
  3. Interviews

The benefits of doing one of the above are that you can have better communication with the people you will be speaking to and is on you as a marketer to craft the questions and kind of information you would like to discuss. But here goes my tip, you must think about the type of questions that you want to ask in all 3 tools as you only get to ask them once for the very first time.

With the above you get first-hand information from your target audience or just the overall group of people you will talk but it’s important that you document well what has been discussed in all 3 cases whether is customer visits, focus groups, or interviews as keep in mind that you will use this information to later better analyze and make an important decision for the brand or product you are trying come up with a strategy.

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