Defining Brand Elements that Help Build Brand Awareness

When creating a brand, marketers must try to follow certain brand elements that will help their brand be different from the competition. The elements I will mention below serve the purpose of giving a brand identity and help enhance brand awareness by creating unique associations of the brand with its consumers.

Main Brand Elements

  • Brand name
  • URLs
  • Logos and symbols
  • Characters
  • Spokespeople
  • Slogans
  • Taglines
  • Jingles
  • Packages
  • Signage

Brand elements are crucial parts of building a brand, however, is important to note that not all are used or needed to create strong brand awareness. To select the brand elements that best fit your brand is important to identify which of the 6 criteria for brand elements your brand uses. 


6 criteria are most used to define brand elements.

  1. Memorability – Immediately helps with brand awareness.
  2. Meaningfulness – Has a descriptive or persuasive content
  3. Likability – Makes a brand look interesting to its consumers.
  4. Transferability – Adds to the brand equity for line or category extensions.
  5. Adaptability – Relevant over time
  6. Protectability – The extent to which the brand can be protected legally and from a competitive stand.

After carefully defining or identifying the criteria that best fit your brand, you can then accommodate any of the elements mentioned previously to ensure that the highest brand awareness is raised for your brand.

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