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Deciding Between Marketing Research vs. Experimentation

When you are trying to identify what your consumers will do or react in market research there
are many techniques you can use to try and understand your consumer. This time I will explain
in simple terms the difference between marketing research surveys and experimentation to help
you as a marketer understand and identify when you should use each.

A marketing research survey can help you identify specific things such as what is working with
your product or what can be improved, it helps you analyze on a deeper level the insights of
your consumer if a survey questionnaire is crafted appropriately to discover what you need. As
previously mentioned in The Artistry of Designing a Survey you must ask the right questions
to collect the answers you need and have actionable items with the information you collected.

On the other hand, marketing experimentation helps you identify the cause-and-effect
relationship of a marketing campaign to help you optimize it and ultimately help translate your
marketing campaigns into actual conversions.

Both types of marketing research methods are valuable for you as a marketer to help you
identify new opportunities and fulfill your consumers’ needs. But is on you to identify what
exactly are you required to do, if it’s to pinpoint something in specific a survey would be your
the route, however, if you are looking to improve something and you are debating which would be
the best option for marketing experimentation should be your go-to.

I hope you find this information helpful and feel free to leave your comments below!

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