Creating Email Marketing Campaigns

If you are on the journey of coming up with ideas on how to promote your website or advertise a new product or service and you are not sure how to proceed, please continue reading. On this occasion, I would like to talk to you about email marketing as one of the most budget-conscious channels to build your audience and give you higher conversion rates.

Email marketing is one of the most used marketing channels and its sole purpose is to share with your current or potential customer, information about your company or product but is also intended to keep your brand at the top of their mind to make your consumer aware of your services, product, and provide discounts.

Next Steps

To follow through with a successful marketing campaign as with everything in business you must have a strategy in place, you must understand who your target audience is, what is your intention with your email, who will be part of your email list, consider the time and days of the week when you want to send the email and lastly measure your open rate, clickthrough rate (CTR), click to open rate (CTOR) and unsubscribe rate.

Some of the most common platforms to help businesses and marketers with email marketing campaigns are Mailchimp, Constant Contact, Adestra, and many more. Many of these platforms can provide metrics to help you in the journey of creating the email campaign that works best for your goals and can even assist with A/B testing to help you optimize the best version for your email.

There is a lot more around email marketing such as the content to include, how you can measure the success and most importantly who would you be sending your email to. That is why as a business you must keep in mind that the collection of email addresses is a full-time job so you can start targeting your campaigns to the right consumers.

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