Google Ads: Overcoming Challenges and Running Successful Campaigns

As a marketer, having a solid understanding of Google Ads is essential, given its widespread use by businesses aiming to advertise their products, services, or videos online. While the platform is accessible for free, the actual ad campaigns are paid, allowing you to target specific demographics and utilize various options provided by Google Ads.

To gain a comprehensive understanding of how Google Ads operates, taking advantage of the free training offered by Google itself is highly recommended. Access the comprehensive training resources here and enhance your skills.

It’s important to note that Google Ads, formerly known as Google AdWords, has continuously evolved since its launch in 2000, with updates aimed at improving user-friendliness. However, as a marketer, you may still encounter certain challenges while using the platform.

Having recently ventured into Google Ads myself, I want to share some of the challenges I faced during campaign creation. By keeping the following information in mind, you can ensure a smoother campaign execution when it’s your turn to utilize the platform.


  1. Managing Multiple Gmail Accounts: If you have more than one Gmail account, be mindful of which one you use for Google Ads. The platform automatically signs you in with the account opened on your computer, which may not be the desired one.
  2. Approval Process: Google Ads requires an approval process, which may take a couple of days, potentially affecting your campaign schedule. This is crucial to consider, especially when conducting A/B testing or when there are specific deadlines for campaign metrics.
  3. Lack of Notification: The platform does not notify you once your ad has been approved. Therefore, if you’ve paused your campaign, it’s important to check the status regularly to ensure timely action.

Considering the aforementioned challenges, I highly recommend undergoing training to gain comprehensive knowledge about the Google Ads platform. Proper preparation and allowing ample time to address any obstacles you may encounter along the way are key to successful campaigns.

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