About Me

Jensey Rivera at Le Logis the house of Grey Goose Vodka part of the Bacardi portfolio of spirits

I currently work at Bacardi North America, the world’s largest privately held, family-owned spirits company.

Throughout my life at Bacardi, I have been very fortunate to participate in multiple projects. I was given the opportunity to manage social media, and help build and maintain the website for our Bacardi Women in Leadership Program which has been transformed into what we now call Belonging at Bacardi.

In addition, I had the opportunity to come up with creative and interesting ideas to bring events to life. I’ve learned how to collaborate, work under pressure with a goal in mind and quickly pivot when things are not going as planned. I’ve always had a “let’s make it happen mentality.”

I was part of the planning committee for Bacardi’s Annual National Meeting, Founder’s Day Celebration, and Bacardi Spirit Forward Summit as well as many more internal events for our employees.

My Journey

I was born in Queens, NY, however, my background is Colombian. I was raised in Cali, Colombia and at an early age, I learned English as I knew my goal was to have my life in the United States, the country where I was born.

At age 15 I made the decision with the support of my family to leave everything behind and move to Miami, FL to continue with my high school education, University and start working on my career path. It’s worth mentioning that at the time I had no idea what I wanted to do. What 15-year-old knows what the want? Certainly, I didn’t.







Work Hard, Play Hard